Food is at the heart of WowCater. It's our passion! We source from the highest rated kitchens with affordable price points. Since we're more of a boutique office catering service, we get to choose the restaurants that we want to work with and aren't bound by fulfilling a large volume of orders. We focus on restaurants that are mindful of the meals they create (ie: cage free, organic, healthy oils). All catered meals we offer have delicious vegan options. You can expect quality and affordability with WowCater. 


We have the most hi-tech platform. You'll receive live order tracking to help easily coordinate deliveries. Your online dashboard is intuitive and user friendly. We have Slack integrations and our systems are meticulously automated allowing us to focus on customer service. Your company's employees will also have the ability to vote on their food options, if desired.

Catering specialists

As our customers are well aware of, having the right people working for you can make or break the success of a company. That’s why at WowCater we use highly reliable, well-trained, professional Catering Specialists. All of which are certified in food handling. Our Catering Specialists can even stay on-site to help clean, serve, and ensure the food is being kept at the proper temperature. 

Quality assurance

We are setting the industry standard for employee on-boarding and training for catering specialist. Our dispatcher ensures deliveries are timely and we have a multi-stage quality verification system for each delivery. We send out several automated notifications and quality checks at key segments of our process. We are the only office catering service in the Bay Area that periodically makes unannounced visits to restaurants and does temperature and weight checks.


Our Food

We source meals from top rated catering kitchens. Every kitchen we utilize specializes in catering and we focus on kitchens that commit to sustainable sourcing, organic ingredients, grass-fed / free range meat, and made-from-scratch meals. All catered meals we deliver offers delicious vegan options as well and all food is transported in heat insulating bags, ensuring your meals arrive hot and fresh!


We work with dozens of catering kitchens that encompass many worldly cuisines. These include the following:

  • Oceanic

  • Latin America

  • Mexican

  • Korean

  • Japanese

  • Chinese

  • Italian

  • Cuban

  • Jamaican

  • Greek Mediterranean

  • Persian

  • American (fusion, traditional, southern, BBQ, and more)

  • Indian

  • German

  • 100% Vegan/Vegetarian

  • And more…


Our Technology

We utilize an advanced technology platform for catering delivery that enables us to outperform our competitors. This system has been meticulously automated and combines several software services highly integrated through API’s. The net result allows us to focus on other areas of the business such as quality assurance. This system also lowers our costs which is why we're one of the most affordable services. We do not charge you any fees to use our service.* The price you pay with us is the same price you would pay if you ordered directly from the catering kitchen.

We now offer online ordering. With this form, you can place an order whenever you want, wherever you are. You can use this form to order exactly what you'd like for your office. Whether its individual sandwiches or a family style pasta bar, these meals are absolutely delicious and the kitchens we use only specialize in large catering orders. You're in good hands with WowCater.


Catering Couriers

Our couriers are more than just "couriers." They are catering specialist. Each of our staff members are well trained in food handling. We only hire the most reliable, experienced, and professional drivers. Rest assured, your meals will be delivered at the specified time, GUARANTEED! Practically all our catering specialists have a background in catering, are retired professionals, are stay at home mothers, or are students working on advanced degrees.

We will only expand the business as fast as we can find top quality drivers. We will not over extend ourselves at the cost of quality. Our customers will always receive the reliable and courteous service that they should expect from a catering delivery service. Great, well-compensated drivers combined with our innovative delivery management software add up to the best catering delivery service in Northern California!

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a key aspect of our business. We use a multi-stage quality verification system for each delivery which includes:​

  • Periodically testing food temperatures before transport at the kitchen.

  • Shift reminders for all our catering specialists.

  • 24/7 Customer Support!

  • Catering couriers are scheduled with a "time buffer" to compensate for unforeseen impedances.

  • We provide every office with chaffers to keep their food warm/hot.

  • We review photos of setups to ensure adherence to our standards.

  • Catering couriers are trained in proper food handling and industry best practices.

  • We vet all our restaurant partners by some of the Bay Area's top foodies.

  • Dispatching software that is continuously monitored. Orders are tracked from start to finish and we have instant access to current order status. Surprisingly, most large catering vendors don't do this. 

*WowCater does charge a nominal delivery fee on behalf of the catering kitchen. Also, if you would like to have an on-site catering specialist help serve, explain dishes, and/or help clean, there is a nominal fee of $60.