Coronavirus Catering Restaurant

You are in the best hands with WowCater.

Introducing Our Enhanced Protection Plan

We are absolutely dedicated to protecting you and your team. Not only do we provide the best boxed lunch selection but we protect your team in ways that our competitors just can't. With coronavirus it's all about limiting your points of contact and with WowCater that's exactly what you get... 



To limit your exposure, we can order from one single kitchen and still provide you with an excellent rotating menu. Our focus is on high contact surfaces and objects that will be regularly disinfected and cleaned. We carefully hand select the kitchens we work with and regulate them to clean and disinfect all surfaces as well as ensure they wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)



Unlike our competitors, we have our own drivers. This gives us much more control on the process and we can assign one driver for your office which will further limit your exposure. All of our drivers are provided masks and gloves and are required to wear this PPE at all times while around the food and your office.


Food Safety

Everyone in contact with your food will be required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water and wear gloves prior to handling any food or food container. All boxed lunches will be sealed and stored in heat insulated catering bags during transport.

For further information on how you can protect your office please feel free to reference these documents

Coronavirus Basics

Office Checklist

Overview of Office Readiness