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You deserve the best and WowCater delivers it.

Our service encompasses the best food that's competitively priced. The most hi-tech platform. User friendly and intuitive dashboard. More than anything though, our food is served hot and fresh! You have nothing to lose, try us now and get your taste of the Wow Experience!

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Coronavirus has fundamentally changed the world as we know it and WowCater

is leading the way in taking preventative measures in protecting offices like yours. We limit your points of contact and have the most control over the process to protect your team best. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

                    Why WowCater

  • A vast network of cuisines from top restaurants across the Bay.

  • No charge for our service

  • You won't have to lift a finger. Our process is simple and we do all the heavy lifting

  • 24/7 Personalized customer service

  • Best temperature control system

  • Variety of food with 1000's of menu options along with delicious vegetarian and vegan options

  • Affordable pricing. The price you pay is the same as if you ordered directly from the restaurant

  • No contracts!

  • We deliver the food. Meaning we ensure it will be delivered timely and at the proper temperature

  • Live GPS tracking

  • Catering Specialists that will help clean, serve, and manage your meal

  • We're committed and attentive to what's best for your office

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Seamless Quality Service and Plentiful Servings of Delicious Meals

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner • Everything in between

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Cuisine Network


   Latin American










   Greek Mediterranean


   American (traditional, southern, and BBQ)



   Fusions Galore

   100% Vegan/Vegetarian

   Treats and Sweets

   And Many More...

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Most Large Catering Vendors

Personal Account Manager

Vast Catering Network

Effortless Ordering

On-site Catering Specialist

24/7 Customer Support

Temperature Control

Delivery Fleet

Live Support Dispatchers

Live GPS Tracking

Slack Integration

Free Chaffing Dishes

Online Ordering