About Us

WowCater is a native Bay Area catering company that loves food! We have combed through hundreds of kitchens so that we can offer some of the best the Bay Area has to offer. All at affordable prices! While diverse American cuisines are at the heart of our business, we take pride in offering much more than the standard fare.


The Bay Area has flourishing food cultures that are derived from the diversity of its people. Delicious, exotic cuisines can be had from restaurants in many of its cities, including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and San Jose. We have long-standing relationships with many of these restaurants, which has allowed us to become highly familiar with their incredible food selections. We truly love sharing their beautiful artisanship!


We understand how important timeliness and customer service is to you. That’s why, unlike most catering vendors, WowCater provides a full comprehensive service. We don’t just place the order for you, we also have a full staff of drivers and catering specialists working to ensure that your food is handled with care and delivered on time. This allows us to provide the best office catering experience...exactly what you should expect from a catering vendor.


We treat our customers like family and will exceed your expectations! We are here for you 24/7, give us a call today!

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